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Available Now: The Imports - Red Is Black

The Imports

A CD of The Imports is now available! A critical document of the development of Chicago punk and post punk, this anthology release contains remastered versions of the two songs released on their 1980 vinyl single, a live set of songs from their penultimate performance in Minneapolis on December 4th, 1980, and a bonus CD comprising material recorded with a Sears monophonic tape recorder during practice sessions in their Hyde Park rehearsal space. This exciting package includes lyric sheets, a collage of ephemera, and liner notes written by Renee Saracki, the music columnist whose interview of The Imports appeared in The Chicago Maroon on May 9, 1980.

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The Imports - Red is Black ( Click on the links below to view the lyrics! )
CD 1 - Live in Minneapolis CD 2 - The Rehearsal Tapes
  1. Introduction
  2. Visions of Reality
  3. You Can Be Bought
  4. Pendulum
  5. Chords and Words
  6. Values of Their Words
  7. Red Is Black
  8. Justice
  9. Suffering Happiness
  10. Residues
  11. Side One (Visions of Reality)
  12. Side Two (Darkness of Light)
  1. Suffering Happiness
  2. Values of Their Words
  3. Courting Disaster
  4. Faded Words and Clear Intentions
  5. Inbred Mechanics
  6. Darkness of Light
  7. Chords and Words
  8. You Can Be Bought
  9. Lying
  10. The Original
  11. Visions of Reality
  12. Weight on My Chest
  13. Instrumental B

The Imports Single: "Side One" b/w "Side Two"

In their heyday, The Imports released only one professional recording: a 7" single on Cirkle Records, published in 1980 with the songs "Visions of Reality" and "Darkness of Light" intentionally listed only as "Side One" and "Side Two", respectively. These songs were recorded on a four-track reel-to-reel tape recorder in the Imports rehearsal space in the basement of the Krug's home in Hyde Park. The recording engineer was Andrew Clark, guitar and vocalist of Epicycle. In order to achieve some manner of separation between tracks, each member of the band was sequestered in his own corner of the basement. Recording lineup: Ben Krug (vocals), Tom Krug (guitar), Joe Strell (bass), Alec Dale (drums). During the mix session, attended only by Tom Krug and Ben Krug, the guitar on "Side One" is panned back and forth in a "call and response" fashion to lend some sense of stereo imaging.

The Imports single - Front Cover

The Imports single - back cover

The Imports single - side one
The Imports single -side two

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