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The Imports were not only pleased with themselves and the work they were doing on the cutting edge of music, but they also managed to garner critical acclaim for their live performances and their debut single on Cirkle Records...

The Imports at Tuts
The Imports at Tuts - Photos by Mike Tappin

The Chicago Maroon - The Imports

The Chicago Maroon - Interview
by Renee Saracki

"... One sunny afternoon about two weeks ago, I stopped by their old practice area to hear them play. What a thrill I got to sit in a small, crowded basement with a low ceiling and horrible acoustics and hear raw, exciting and energetic music being played for me by four impassioned, young rock 'n' rollers. It made me think of all the lucky, young mods who could see The Who in that atmosphere any night of the week back in the early 60s... " Full Article

Coolest Retard - Review
by Craig Schmidt

December 1980

"The Imports - Side One b/w Side Two - This is my favorite of the current crop. The Imports have come a long way very quick, beginning with a hard punk approach this spring to their recent synthesis of Joy Division / PIL. Both sides are hypnotic, pulsating with deep monotone vocals. They have captured me with their music in their live performances, but this record has allowed me to listen to the lyrics. . . . This is without doubt is the best single to come from a new band in Chicago." Full Article

E Magazine

e magazine - Review
circa October 1980

"The Imports "Side One" / "Side Two" - Long awaited single by Chicago teenage band often compared to Joy Division. It's slow and somber, doesn't even sound American, with grating rhythmic guitar, heavy solid drumming, monotone edge-of-doom vocals, and lead bass that is extremely effective. No fun at all. Excellent." Full Article

Fanatic Magazine

Fanatic - Review
by Bruce Pavitt

September 1980

"The Imports Chicago's most radical teen pop combo, are about to release a clean four-track recording on Cirkle Records. Presenting the same ominous, Public Image Ltd-inspired material they do live, this record is an accurate documentation of some of the most interesting music to come out of the midwest: dark hypnotic, pulsating. Of special note is the miking of the snare drum--enough dub echo to cave in the Space Place. Featured songs: 'Visions of Reality", 'Darkness of Light'." Full Article

See also the flyer for the Fanatic release party held at Gaspar's on September 23, 1980.

Sub Pop

Subterranean Pop - Review
by Bruce Pavitt

circa July 1980

"Imports Another great teen-age band. The 12 year old drummer had to resign because it interfered with his homework. Influences include Buzzcocks, Public Image. Features 15 year old vocalist, 3 string bass player. Lookout for upcoming record. " Full Article

Related article in same issue on the subject of Chicago's music scene inn 1980.

Talk Talk

Talk Talk - Review
circa September 1980

"The Imports "Side One" / "Side Two" - An impressive debut from this Chicago-based band. They sound like they have been listening to Joy Division for a while. Side One goes on a little too long, but on Side Two the band really show what they can do. A moody song that leaves you wanting more. It is worth your while to check out." Full Article

Paul Weller

Paul Weller - Interview
circa June 1980

L: Have you seen any good bands over here?

P: The Imports in Chicago. They're really good.

Full Article

See also note on the Chronology page regarding the Imports' meeting with Paul Weller on 3/6/1980.

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