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Joe Strell In his solo work, Joe Strell wields melody and metaphor to unveil the turbulent realms of human emotion, relationships, and existence. Composed with acoustic instruments including guitar, mandolin, and ukulele, his songs combine traditional technique with an alternative sensibility to deliver a message with wit and sensitivity. The imagery of his lyrics strikes deep, complementing the cool depths of his musical seascape with personal revelation that evokes the universal.
Split Heavens In 1986, Joe Strell built Dansbane Elandet Studios in a dilapidated railroad apartment in downtown Champaign, Illinois, and subsequently launched "Split Heavens", which he would use as the primary vehicle for his solo and collaborative studio efforts over the next two decades. Split Heavens' repertoire spans a wide range of styles, from atmospheric instrumentals to thrashing punk anthems, with the majority falling moodily between these two extremes.
The Imports The Imports forged their unique brand of post-punk minimalism in the quiet and tree-lined neighborhood of Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago. Making up the core of the Imports were Ben Krug (vocals), Tom Krug (guitar) and Joe Strell (bass). Like many bands, the Imports went through a series of drummers including John Krug, Alec Dale, and finally Tom Wall, who completed the band's singular sound.
Jake Edward Francis "Jake" Jacobsen charms his audience with a folk style uniquely his own, lending his booming baritone to traditional folk songs and personal compositions alike. Born in Oakland, California, and raised on rhythm and blues, Jake's music is informed by his years as an itinerant hippy. His far flung travels have taken him as far south as Guatemala, and as far north as the Yukon, where he tried his hand at "minin' for gold".
¡Ack-Ack! ¡Ack-Ack! began in August 1982 as an artistic experiment in group composition. Within the group's first year, spent writing and discussing music, the need to expose the material to an audience for critical feedback expanded their focus to live performance. With the introction of new members, they eventually evolved into an exciting, skilled live act with a solid compositional core.