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© 1980 The Imports

1. Communication
Looking for a
Sign or something. Don’t know how much
Is real or faked
Body language, misinterpreted
Wants and respect, what will work best?

2. They
Beauty expressed!
Returns my stare, service smiling
Giving herself
Crying out of . . . love for others
Young and youthful. Happiness and . . .

3. We
Losing power
Each thing gained is something else lost
Wishing eternity
Flawless person—vision appears
I knew it would, forcing my stare

4. Time spent
Smiling happy
Reading into, talking, watching
Time goes slow
And what comes next? Spend each other
No one listens . . . security

5. Circumstance
A mistake, but
Something’s are just not a mistake
I looked for it
I want to stay, I hope it’s two
Stripped of falseness, driving it on

6. After thought
Pendulum swing
It will come back, I should know that
I lost values
Not one guided, nothing can be
Will it happen, do we want to?