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Darkness of Light (Side Two)
© 1980 The Imports

“I am knowledge,” said the cloaked stranger,
As he revealed himself,
A tool of murder too often.

“Cover me with lies, hide me with ignorance.
Rationalize: light hides the dark.
Shelter yourself as long as you are able.
What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

“It’s too late for I have won out,”
I realized I knew what this meant,
It was time to face reality,
In the very truest form of death

“Conquer it, don’t let it upset you.
Only the actual fight is depression.
However, I have won now.
Your unity was always in death.

“This is the only possible ending,
And now you see the climax is over.”
It is unpleasant only for an instant,
As the peace I searched is revealed

“Who are you?” he then asked of me.
I could only reply I did not know.
The right answer and you shall see,
All that which you never could know

“Enter the doorway,” he beckoned.
I walked into the darkness of light.
I knew what I never wanted to.
All was revealed in the darkness.
Beauty was in the ugliness.
Finding the pain in the open.
The never ending search of contradiction,
That was the end of the all.
I was destined to live in the darkness,
The darkness of the light of the world.
No more trying to ignore it,
Living in the void by myself.