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You Can Be Bought
© 1980 The Imports

A smile—the door to your heart when used right
A word—opens your mind, the time’s right
A friendship means the world to you
The right words mean so much to you

Your heart—you open your heart to the pretty face
Your mind—Your secrets pour to the speaker
You need someone to talk to you
You speak your mind to the one you love

You said the wrong words you realize now
You wish you hadn’t said them now
You thought you had learned not to talk
Something made you go against your will

You’re used—they have what they want from you
Can’t help—can’t see what they’re doing to you
Go along with, no reason not to
Go along with, you really want to

They don’t want you, it’s all a scheme
They have their ends, they’ve reached them too
They got everything they’ve wanted from you
And you keep giving, never knowing, always giving