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Red Is Black
© 1980 The Imports

The time is set, the table’s set, people gather ‘round
Spinning ‘round, spinning ‘round, spinning down
Close your eyes, you won’t want to see it
Hold out your cup, the wine pours

Drinking freely of the wine
Taking freely of my blood
The candle burns slowly down
Reflects in my eyes

The candle burns, shines a light
Looking at the book, the red book of my life
Picking out pages, select select numbers
Eating at my soul
Take my pen

All is yours, take of me
Iron forges, eyes meet
Come together, fall apart
Faces face, the scene fades, seeing all

You see it all, you’re aware, but your eyes aren’t open
Reading with, talking with, the owner of your soul
People come, people go, you must stay
Stay and die, leave and live, you will die

Numbers shrink, all recedes
You step out, the light shines
You are chosen, you are hidden
You must come forth

The table clears, life is death, come and eat
Rip my bone, rip my flesh, watch it tear
So as I am, we will all be, what are you
Blood pours forth, all here drink, the room paints red

The lights are out, lights go on
Mouths hand, you fall at their feet
The end is near, the end is near
Red surrounds, red is black, black is nothing

Voices talking, people speaking, you are going
Whirling round, spinning round, losing all you have