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Visions of Reality (Side One)
© 1980 The Imports

Hiding in the corner I can’t look around
All the lights must be off here
I want to sleep
I must not see the real world
I can’t take it
I know what’s in store for me
I don’t want it

I want my life to be good
Will it be so?
I’m breaking out in a sweat
Is it from fear?
I wish I could avoid it
The pain out there
I wish I could take it all
The pain in here

Don’t tell me about it all
The war, the hate, the pain, the fear
I’ve had enough of it all
The world I hate
The world I hate
Pressures can’t find me now
In my corner where I avoid
Semi-sweet and semi-death
I don’t want to take any of

I closed my eyes for too long the other day
Saw a vision of a man from the neck up
Turned and leaned back his head
Revealed a hole
A bloody hole in his neck
All was silent

On the other night I ran for my dear life
Escape from what is real
Run from it all
Couldn’t stop running from fear of all I left
Facing it became too hard
I just broke down.