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The Original
© 1980 The Imports

“You’re drunk,” she said
We broke down when everyone cried
And I thought it was original
“Who isn’t,” I replied

“I haven’t slept in years,” she cried
Wine is red and I want it there
Cut my face and I want it there
“Who has,” I replied

I pretended to care about all this
Someday I’ll turn and face you
Sometimes I take myself seriously
You don’t understand, I won’t let you

Everyone always wants what they’ll never have
Until they get it and see what it is
“I’m alone,” I cried to the cast of thousands
They applaud, you’ll see they do

So many hours spent alone with you
Say it for me so I’ll know you

“I’m different,” I said
Easy to renounce when you have too much
Until you run out and want more
“Who isn’t,” she replied