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Split Heavens - With What Measure?
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Split Heavens - With What Measure?

With What Measure?
Published 2003 by Invisible Friend Productions [Out of Print]

Track List:
happy instrumental / eric and joe squared / one who loved / she is afraid / white boy in jamaica / creepy silly song / divided silence / sleeping song / without response / to mesmerize / art / deranged sing along / talking murder blues

Joe Strell - all instruments and vocals except as follows...
Eric Wanger - saxophone on "happy instrumental", "eric and joe squared", "she is afraid", and "white boy in jamaica"; file on "one who loved"; vocals on "white boy in jamaica"
Pat Lymon - guitar on "creeping silly song", "divided silence", "sleeping song", "without response", and "to mesmerize"
Mastered at Dansbane Elandet Studio