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Split Heavens - Bonnie & Clyde
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Split Heavens - Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde
Published 2003 by Invisible Friend Productions [Out of Print]

Track List:
stilletto / sordid meemories / tortured sight / interruptions / resurrection I / beyond / rose red / my imitation / the punkies / wanted / without speech / when the saints (go marching in) / jungle music march 5th / distorted bass with shari's poetry / mandolin & bass with shari's poetry / resurrection II / my imitation (a draft) / beyond insecurities

Joe Strell & Shari Roberts - all instruments and vocals except as follows...
Jeff London - telephone on "tortured sight"
Pat Lymon - guitar on "without speech"
Ward Toy - vocals on "rose red", "the punkies", and "jungle music march 5th"; keyboards on "tortured sight", "beyond", and "my imitation"; trashbin bass on "resurrection I", "beyond", "my imitation", "jungle music march 5th", and "resurrecttion II"
Eric Wanger - saxophone on "jungle music march 5th"
Mastered at Dansbane Elandet Studio