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Meeting the Multitude
© 1980 The Imports

My smile stays animated in front of you
While my body drops falling down the stairs
He reaches out, missing the extended hand
I watch, unable to help the searching, falling eyes

I turn and flee down around my falling body
Which now lies there dying from the fall
I look into my helpless, dying eyes
I run from my extended hand

You were there when I ran to help
You saw me dying when he ran away
I still see you looking on, not making a move
You'll stand there still until I see you fall

I ran into the street seeing the freedom contained
Until I ran into myself walking the other way
He said hello and was on his way
But it took hours for him to walk by

I cried after him on my knees
He seemed not to know of me our our meeting
Then the ground on which I lay became my body
It pulled me under no matter how hard I fought myself

You laughed in my face, as I did many times
But never with the venom you wallowed in
I ran but I couldn't escape the one I feared
I found myself collapsed on the sidewalk