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Art of Existence
© 2006 by Joe Strell

In the middle of a sentence
And the afternoon
We stopped to gaze
Into a window
We were passing by
In which we recognized

All the things we said we wanted
For each other
And ourselves
Were echoes of a heart's desire
Wrapped in fragile packaging

I wish I knew
What all this means

The moment crept
Like virgin frost
Upon a pane of glass
That fled
Before the warmth
Of our entangled search for common destiny

Then you smiled
And said that we should go
And I said
what if I don't know?
What if I never understood?
What if I never will?

I wish I knew
What all this means

Later we shared glances
And a lunch
Across a table
By the window
At the diner on the corner
Of Mason and Geary

I asked you sincerely
Whether Art stood without context
Or depended on it
Merely for its sustenance
And sense of style

You and I decided
Over several cups of lousy coffee
Two eggs over easy
Corned beef hash
Rye toast
And hash browns

That it didn't really matter
As we both enjoyed the place
That it took us to
When we had time to go
And now it’s time we went

I wish I knew
What all this means